Monday, 8 January 2007

Ken Keyes - The Hundredth Monkey

Ken Keyes Jr., probably most famous for his Living Love method and the Twelve Pathways, wrote several books, mostly on personal development. I read his book, The Handbook to Higher Consciousness, which he wrote back in 1972 and was instantly hooked. He also wrote a book about nuclear disarmament which he did not copyright as he wanted to spread the word as much as possible. Here is an intro and then links to the entire text from the book The Hundredth Monkey, which I typed up years ago.

The Hundredth Monkey

The Hundredth Monkey by Ken Keyes, jr. This book shows you how we have the creativity and power to change both ourselves and the world. You are introduced a radical new way of realizing the impact of your energy on the world around you - a quantum leap in consciousness, as inspired by the legend of the Hundredth Monkey. You'll find here the facts about nuclear armaments that some people don't want you to know. The failure of a 46 cents computer part could sound a false alarm that enemy missiles are on their way. An all-out nuclear war in the first few weeks can kill about half the people on earth - and cause leukemia, cancer, and birth defects in the people in all countries. Are you willing to live in such an insane world?
The Hundredth Monkey was written by a successful author whose books now total over 3.25 million copies. So urgent is this information that he has not copyrighted it. He feels that his survival and yours (is there any difference?) are more important than anything else.
Your life and well-being are at stake. This book tells you what you can do about it. It gives you hope and direction.
Please feel free to point to this site or even keep a copy on your site, we need to spread the word!!!

The Hundredth Monkey


Lisa said...

Thank you for making this important material available online. A link to your site has been added to the Wikipedia article on Ken Keyes. If you choose to remove the 100th Monkey e-text at some point in the future, please try to visit Wikipedia to remove or update the link. You might also want to offer the e-text for posting on other sites with Keyes material, such as which has his obits and a photo, but none of his actual works. Again, thank you. :)

jimboloco said... is where i posted your link to the one hundreth monkey
as i made a jam ditty celebrating the election of barack obama

we are the one hundreth monkeys!

KloudJin said...

My old web hosting place has disappeared, so I have updated the link to point to a new URL. I know that a few people still stumble upon this page now and then and it is still an important message to spread!

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