Tuesday, 7 September 2010

First time in the emergency dept for asthma

Last night, or rather early this morning (2am) I took Cloud to FMC ED as his asthma was the worst it's ever been. It was a horrible experience and I hope I never have to do it again. The other patients were mainly old people, there was one guy who'd been in a fight and required police escort, he had blood all over his face =[

Anyway, they gave Cloud 3 super doses of Ventolin and Atrovent and also Prednisolone, it calmed him down pretty well but Dr. wanted to admit him and watch/monitor him for a day or two. I was really not comfortable with this so I pushed to leave after being there for about 5 hours...poor Cloud handled it like a trooper, didn't complain much and when I asked him afterwards if he liked it at the hospital, he said "yes"! Kids just take everything in their stride.

The worst part was lying on the horrible hospital bed for so long, waiting for the Dr. to come back, trying to keep Cloud entertained and feeling bad for him as he did not sleep a wink all night...he crashed this morning on the couch and slept a few hours. He's gone to bed usual time (6:30/7) tonight, hopefully he has a good sleep.

I just wanted to be home where it's safe, secure, comfortable, warm...hospitals are horrible places, especially the ED...so many horrible noises (people vomiting, kids screaming, loud trolleys, etc, etc). There was one poor child there, only 1.5 year old, they tried twice to insert a jelco, both times failed, then they announced on the PA ("anyone who can do a capillary canula come to paeds"), I just felt so bad for it. I find out just before we leave that that child didn't end up with a jelco and that it'd already been discharged! How much did they really need a jelco if they discharged it 3 hours later???

Anyhoo...I've decided to try to write in here a bit more (been pretty quiet for the last 3 years? lol) as it's the only 'diary' that I keep. Since this will most likely be here forever, it might be good for someone to read some time in the distant future? Hi Jin, hi Cloud if you're reading this now, I love you boys <3