Sunday, 26 December 2004

Worst XMAS

gotta be one of the worst xmas we've had...didn't do anything, we decided not to even buy each other presents this year :( just too hard. We just stayed home and pigged out...xmas doesn't mean much to me anyways..S1 rang and left a mesg wishing me and "Bridget" a merry xmas, what a wanker, wish he'd just leave me alone.

Mum's in Portugal for S1's wedding, good for me coz that's one less stress I have to handle right now :)

Still looking for a house, we have been looking for 6 months+++ now, can't believe we haven't found one yet. Xmas time is obviously not a good time for looking, so hopefully in the new year we will find one, I hope!

What the hell is a blog anyway? An online diary for anyone to read? I thought a diary was meant to be private? Oh well, I haven't kept a diary for years so if I continue writing here (which I'm sure I won't) then it may be good to view this in years to come.


Need to buy a new mattress badly, the current one sux and is probably the cause of much of our discomfort, bad sleeps, sore backs, etc, etc. Jarrod's bro works at Dreamland (I hope he still does), his name is Todd (I think). I think much better to buy from here than from Harris Scarfe (even tho HS seem very cheap), we need good customer service, and we need to try out lots of different models...plush, firm, low partner disturbance, quality, etc, etc..lots of choices.