Sunday, 26 December 2004

Worst XMAS

gotta be one of the worst xmas we've had...didn't do anything, we decided not to even buy each other presents this year :( just too hard. We just stayed home and pigged out...xmas doesn't mean much to me anyways..S1 rang and left a mesg wishing me and "Bridget" a merry xmas, what a wanker, wish he'd just leave me alone.

Mum's in Portugal for S1's wedding, good for me coz that's one less stress I have to handle right now :)

Still looking for a house, we have been looking for 6 months+++ now, can't believe we haven't found one yet. Xmas time is obviously not a good time for looking, so hopefully in the new year we will find one, I hope!

What the hell is a blog anyway? An online diary for anyone to read? I thought a diary was meant to be private? Oh well, I haven't kept a diary for years so if I continue writing here (which I'm sure I won't) then it may be good to view this in years to come.

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