Wednesday, 4 January 2006

So much for magic moments

blah, I shoulda known, lol. I've stopped the Tony Robbins Get theEdge programme...just been too slack! "too hot" "too tired" "too late" "too early", etc, etc. I DO want to get back into it, just have to get my arse into gear.

We're at 15 weeks now, amnio next Tues, scary, will have to wait a couple of weeks as well to get results :(

Bought a bunch of baby clothes today from ToysRUs, $160 worth for $50 :D 70% off all their Bruins range of clothes :) We bought all 0000 size seeing as twins are usually smaller than singletons, so hopefully they will fit into them for a while. I want to go back and get some 000's, so cheap!!!

Bought 2 Safe N Sound Premier Retractable car seats as well (not today, a few days ago). $227 instead of $349. They are convertible so can use for newborns to toddlers, beats getting capsules then throwing them out and getting upright ones! Sure the capsules are safer, but we're don't plan on crashing! TOUCH WOOD.

Things have been rough with DW, I constant piss her off :( which causes stress -> more cigarettes. I don't want the babies to be withdrawing from nicotine as soon as they are born, that ain't right. Nicotine withdrawing babies cry more, are more agitated, etc, just like an adult withdrawing from smokes. I suppose I should be thankful they won't be crack babies, hah. I used to be a smoker so I know what it's like, I would like to think that if it was me I'd give up cold turkey, but I don't know if I could. She has cut down heaps so I should be's like 1-2 a day instead of the previous 10 or so...some days none at all. What I should be concentrating on is causing less stress around the place, instead of thinking negatively about the whole thing...stupid idiot!

Our 2 miscarriages did not make it this far, I think they were like 6-8 weeks or something like that is a good sign that they will be OK. They're at 15 weeks now, which is past the generally accepted 12 week milestone at which people start announcing the prenancy. BUT, we are having the amnio next week so we aren't gonna feel secure until after that's all over. Time is going slow though :( I'm sure (inside gut feel) that everything will be OK, it's just so many things to stress about with a baby...or 2!

One good thing is I'm writing in here more! hehehe

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