Sunday, 15 January 2006

Liam's farewell party

Caught up with Frog and Josh tonight. Josh has put on a lot of weight, didn't even recognise him at first! He is Seren's husband's cousin, into hip hop and a bit eccentric in his views. I have been trying to find the name of this female aussie vocalist for ages Josh, being a "music encyclopedia" (as Liam calls him), picked it as Missy Higgins straight up! He had his ipod and a Missy Higgins song right there so I could confirm! Legend, now I can get some of her music.

Liam leaves tomorrow, I haven't spent much time with him, partly coz I've been busy, but mostly coz I've outgrown him. He's still going out and trying to pick up and living the old lifestyle. I'm a married man with kids on the way, just a different stage of life! I didn't tell him any of this of course...perhaps one day I will?

I gave my number to Frog, he said he'd ring, hope he does, he's not a bad bloke.

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