Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Had amnio today + Bella sick

It's all over, the amnio is finally over, but not without some dramas. Bunnie was very upset on the table, of course, with Bella in hospital (see below) it was just too much. But we got through it, no incidents, no spontaneous abortion or anything nasty like that. Now we wait 10-21 days for the results. Dr Shand reckons that twin A is most likely a boy and twin B probably a boy too, we'll know once the results come back.

Bella was not well on Thursday, we hoped she'd get better by Friday but she didn't, took her to vet Friday arvo and we have only just got her back now (Tuesday arvo!). She is still not 100%, far from it, she hasn't eaten all this time so she really needs to eat something.
The problem was a gastrointestinal blockage, a combination of fur and some type of parasites. They couldn't id the parasites/worms and have sent them off to be examined. This was causing her stomach to not empty and nothing was passing through at all. Hence she was throwing up and not eating. They ended up opening her up Sunday arvo, laparotomy as they didn't know what the hell was going on at that stage. They thought stomach tumor, then bladder tumor, then acute cystitus, then pancreas something or rather...the vet had no idea really.
Now she is home but she is not looking too well. Still not eating/drinking. Both her front arms are red, one is really raw, so she is walking slowing and can't seem to get comfy. She really needs to eat otherwise we might have to take her back to the vet...that's the last thing we want to do...

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