Friday, 17 March 2006

25 weeks!

woo, we're at 25 weeks, time has not gone fast, but it doesn't seem that long that we were are 12 weeks! Hopefully the next few months will be the same :)

All tests are OK so far and everything is normal...except yesterday we had the short Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT), drank the glucose liquid and then blood glucose level test an hour later. The result was 0.8, 0.1 above normal range, so borderline. B had toast with marmalade in the morning so that probably increased the reading...midwife is saying we should book in for the long GTT now, which involves fasting from midnight then going into Gribbles and getting blood taken several times for 2.5 hours! Not happy Jan as this test sounds stressful, inconvenient, time consuming and possible not necessary! I'm going to ring tomorrow and ask to do the short GTT again and whether the long one is really necessary...

Been to the antenatal twins class at WCH the last 3 weeks and they have been great. Tina Bode is the educator and she lives in Stirling as well! She is great, informative, funny, easy going, light, non-judgemental, helpful, caring and a whole lot better than Carol Bennett at Ashford! Would be good if we became friends!

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